About us

With a background in commercial web development and high-profile BBC projects, Simon Levy decided to set up his own creative digital agency. The Internet Consultancy Group – TICG – was born. Simon brings to it 12 years’ experience at the BBC where he led a team of developers, with a focus on user experience and design. Together they delivered the award-winning BBC News re-design, among other acclaimed sites.

As TICG began to take shape, former BBC colleagues and peers were quick to follow. TICG now boasts an impressive line-up of some of the most highly skilled web developers and designers in the UK.

TICG has one clear mission:

To create, develop, code and design the most useable, accessible and search engine friendly websites in the world.

TICG tracks and anticipates the rapidly changing ways in which the Internet can help businesses attract new clients and boost revenues. We offer cutting-edge responsive design strategy, social media and search engine optimisation.

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Our Team

BBC News, Award Winning Re-design

Screen shot of BBC News - showing off what we have worked on at the BBC

Simon led a team of developers while working closely with the user experience and design team to produce the award-winning BBC News re-design.

The project spanned a 12-month period. The final product featured better use of video and images, as well as clearer and more prominent labelling of key stories – on the front page and on story pages. The ‘NEW’ label was also added to draw attention to most recent headlines.

BBC News Live Event Experience

Screen shot of BBC News Live Event Experience

We also introduced a new Live event experience for the audience to follow breaking news stories through use of Twitter, emails and blogging.