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Robert Grant

Social Media Expert

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Facebook Marketing Consulting, Internet Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Trainer

Robert is an experienced professional, with an extensive background in Internet Marketing, Social Media Training, Personal Development Training, Business Coaching, Social Media and internet Marketing.

Facebook marketing consulting for business

My internet marketing and social media campaigns reach millions of people and I have enabled many of my clients to do the same, dramatically expanding their reach and taking their business to the next level.

I have a network of 1.3million people in my Facebook Groups and Fan Pages.

I have generated massive revenue for my own business as well as my clients, all the way from regular business professional to best selling authors, movie stars such as John Assaraf, famous internet marketers such as Alex Mandossian, sports celebrities such as Yao Ming's PR team and many regular business owners and professionals.

I am the co-creator of the world's leading Social Media Facebook for business course called "Crowd Conversion on Facebook".

I host Crowd Conversion On Facebook Social Media events around the world teaching businesses and professionals to gain massive exposure online and increase their sales dramatically.