Accolade Publishing

Accolade Publishing is the most respected and longest running source of competitions and prize winning in the UK. With award winning exclusive websites and publications it is essential that their online presence reflects the calibre of their expertise.

Accolade Publishing required a refined design to portray their longevity in the competition sector whilst being inclusive and taking into account the devoted yet fun and light hearted attitude of their readership.

Accolade Publishing Website Screen Shot

Accolade Publishing website screen shot

The Internet Consultancy Group were brought in to Accolade Publishing to design, develop and deliver a content management system for their website. TICG also provided support after the project completed which included further SEO consultancy and in house CMS training.

Project objectives:

  • To provide a central web space for several specialist titles
  • To showcase inspirational competition winners
  • To provide relevant information to committed newsletter readers
  • To list press articles and interviews
  • To do so in a simplistic content driven style

Client comments:

TICG delivered the project with excellence and ahead of schedule. They were very approachable and over delivered throughout every aspect of the process. I was particularly impressed with the support given to us after the website was built with the content management system and SEO consultancy. I have known companies to become “unavailable” after projects end, however TICG are consistent and give an unparalleled high quality service. I would encourage any serious business to use TICG for all their web needs. We will continue to do so.