Reuters Digital News Report

For the first time ever Reuters Institute commissioned the publication of their Digital News Report in conjunction with Oxford University. TICG were appointed the project in 2012 and worked closely with the editorial team to produce the newly published Reuters Digital News Report website.

The project was welcomed and supported by BBC, Google, Ofcom, Newsworks and partnered by The School of Journalism amongst other key media players. “News is becoming more mobile, more social, and more real-time. This year’s survey reveals continuing shifts in how, when, and where people access the news, with digital patterns becoming more entrenched – particularly amongst the younger half of the population. Audiences increasingly want news on any device, in any format, and at any time of day.“ said Nic Newman Ex-BBC strategist who played a key role in shaping the BBC’s internet services.

Nic Newman, author of the Digital News Report for Reuters Institute, has advanced key data on the future of information. Through surveys conducted in the U.S, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Japan and Brazil. The digital news report showcases the fastmoving global media changes over time to identify trends.

Reuters Institute Digital News Report Responsive Website working across all platforms, Desktop, iPhone and iPad.

The report shows that the digital revolution is not proceeding at an even pace in all countries. The Reuters Institute Digital News Report aims to deliver useful and timely data about the transition to digital.

The Internet Consultancy Group worked closely with the team and have developed a content management system which enables the Reuters Institute editors to update the website each year the report is published and new data is available.

The Digital News Report website is fully responsive

As the report is stating that more and more users are browsing websites using various mobile devices we had to ensure that this one would be responsive! View the website on a mobile device to see for yourself.

Here are some screen shots of the the Digital News Report website looks like on the iPhone…

Reuters Institute Digital News Report Website on the iPhone

On the iPad…

Reuters Institute Digital News Report Website on the iPad

And the desktop…

Reuters Institute Digital News Report Website on a desktop

The website has hundreds of different interactive graphs and charts to present the data.

The website shows the data in barcharts, as you hover over each bar you will see the relevant data.

Reuters Institute Digital News Report Website Screen Grab

There are line charts…

Reuters Institute Digital News Report Website Screen Grab

And even pie charts… There are 100’s of charts and tables presenting the data in the report.

Reuters Institute Digital News Report Website Screen Grab

The ability to print, download and share the data charts via Facebook or Twitter

To help get the data out there on the social media platforms we have developed a way to allow the users to share the content in many different ways, as you can see from the screen shot below.

Reuters Institute Digital News Report Website Screen Grab Showing how you can share charts and graphs with Facebook

Try for yourself, the chart on the website, as you hover over the chart you have the option to share with facebook or twitter.

The project objectives:

  • To bring the Digital News Report online taking a responsive design approach allowing the site to work across multiple devices – iPhone, iPad friendly.
  • Display the different charts and tables across all devices.
  • The ability to share charts and articles via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).