Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is at the heart of any Internet Marketing strategy. It gets your website found by Google and the Search Engines.

Luckily we have had the experience of working on the BBC News website which gets millions of hits daily. This has allowed us to test out different SEO techniques. We want to use these techniques to help your website get a higher ranking in the search engines. We focus on creating great on-page content, building critical mass through blogging, social media networking and ethical link building from known and reputable sites.

If your site doesn't appear when your customers are searching for your products & services on Google, that's a lot of potential business you're missing. With TICG's integrated SEO services your website will benefit from a range of highly effective Search Engine Optimisation techniques that will bring more targeted visitors to your site.

Integrated SEO services = higher rankings = more targeted traffic.

What is SEO? or Search Engine Optimisation?

Being listed in Google, Yahoo! and Bing is not enough. To win in business increasingly means getting to the top of the search results. Ranking on the first page is necessary to bring your site the huge increase in traffic that you want.

A top page ranking is achievable, we have achieved it for our client Karina Grant, but it's not easy and wasn't achieved over night. Your website, and each page that helps to sell your business to customers, needs to be optimised for the search engines so that they can rank you properly.

Getting your keyword working.

Searching for the words Quantum touch london has enabled our client to become 3rd in the organic google search results.

Keyword Research

We believe that any successful SEO campaign begins by carefully choosing the correct keywords. This is where relevance really comes into play. We do not pick keywords purely because they are going to generate high volumes of traffic, this is the wrong way for any SEO strategy to work. We carefully balance your website’s keywords between traffic and relevance. We aim to choose keywords that are the most advantageous for your website’s goals and objectives. By doing this your website is assured of picking up traffic that will not only be interested in your website but also a lot more likely to complete the required transaction, and in the end give the user what they were searching for!

SEO Copywriting & Content Creation

Once the “behind the scenes” SEO has been finished we move on to the viewable, online content which the website visitor actually sees. It is highly important to provide these visitors with well written, quality information with plenty of substance. This is useful for the end user but it is also excellent from a search engine point of view as search engines cannot see images, but they can read text.

A website with well optimised textual content will always do better than a site which is built purely with images or flash. At TICG we know how to write excellent, semantic, search engine friendly content; and we also know how we can help adjust existing content to maximise your search engine rankings.

We employ semantic copywriting, content creation and adjustment to existing pages to ensure each page of your site follows in the correct document structure. This involves the addition of suitable semantic headings, paragraphs, listings and font styling to accurately represent the context and keywords of each page.

When you combine all these search engine optimisation practices the results show us that the website performs well and provides your visitors with a quality online experience, and after all, that is what the search engines want you to do.