Google has launched a mobile friendly testing tool

Google’s new mobile-friendly testing tool tells you if your site passes or fails the mobile test.

Wondering if your site will qualify for Google’s new mobile-friendly labels or be ready for a potential mobile-friendly ranking boost? Google has a new tool to help.

The new tool is at and it basically gives you a pass or fail grade. Either it tells you that you are mobile friendly or you are not mobile friendly. The messages I was able to generate include:

  • Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.
  • Not mobile-friendly

In each output, the yes, you are mobile friendly or no you are not, Google may or may not give more or less advice depending on the site.

For example, for this site, we got an “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly,” but it did add that “this page uses 9 resources which are blocked by robots.txt. The results and screenshot may be incorrect.” It then listed out those resources it had issues with, so you as the webmaster can decide if it is something that needs addressing.

Here is a screenshot:

Screenshot of Google mobile friendlt testing tool with a TICG site that passed

I then tested a site that I know what not mobile-friendly and Google explained what the issues were including (a) text too small to read, (b) mobile viewport not set and (c) links too close together. Here is a screen shot of that output:


Clearly, sites that do not pass, will not get a mobile-friendly label in the mobile results.

To try out the tool, go to